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This website is operated by the Dutch private limited company Karl Lagerfeld Retail B.V. With this Cookie Statement we like to inform you on the cookies that may be placed when you use this website. By using this website, you consent to the cookies described below being placed on the device you use to visit our website. We may update this Cookie Statement from time to time.

1. What is a cookie?

1.1 A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or other device used to visit a website (hereinafter all together: device). If a cookie has been stored, your device sends the information from that file back to the party that placed the cookie, so your device can be recognised. A cookie cannot install or start up computer programs, nor can it spread viruses.

1.2 A cookie has a certain validity period starting on the moment it is placed on a device. The cookie will remain stored on the device during this validity period. Thereafter the cookie will expire. For some cookies the validity period is the browser session, other cookies remain on the device for a longer period so the device can also be recognized at a next visit. You can also remove cookies yourself via your browser.

1.3 In as far as we do collect personal data by using cookies, we process these personal data in accordance with our Privacy Statement,  unless this Cookie Statement indicates otherwise.

2. Cookies on

2.1 We obtain services from third parties, in the context of which cookies may be placed when you use this website. We allow these cookies so we all benefit from these services and you can use the related functionalities. The cookies can be broken down into three categories: essential cookies, performance cookies and analytic cookies. 

Essential cookies are necessary to enable the website or a certain functionality on the website. Such cookies are placed when visiting the website or using a relevant functionality.

Performance cookies have a functional background, just as essential cookies. The difference is that performance cookies are not strictly necessary, but optimize the performance of the website or a specific functionality thereby enhancing your online experience.

Analysis cookies register visits and preferences of website visitors. With this information the use of the website can be analysed and reports and statistics are generated.

2.2 For analysis purposes and to keep on improving continuously, we use Google Analytics. When you visit our website, three Google Analytics cookies (_utma; _utmb; and _utmz) are placed on your device. The provider of this service, Google Inc, receives the information collected with these cookies and uses it to generate anonymous usage reports and statistics for us. Google provides us with these reports and statistics, enabling us to investigate how visitors experience our website. With this information we can keep on improving this website, our services and marketing strategies, so we can serve you better. For the validity period and more information on these cookies, please click here. Click here for Google’s privacy policy. Google provides an opt-out possibility in relation to Google Analytics, to use this option click here. Click here for Google’s general information on how it uses cookies.

2.3 Furthermore to enable you to share information via social media, we have incorporated Facebook and Twitter options. For our video channel we use YouTube. The providers of these services (Facebook, Twitter, Inc., YouTube, LLC, respectively) place essential and performance cookies on your device to facilitate and optimize the relevant social sharing or the presentation of videos. These third parties may also place analysis cookies to better understand their users visiting our website. The cookies may be placed when you visit our website or click on an icon or other element related to the third parties’ services. Click here for Facebook’s information on cookies, pixels & similar technologies. Click here for Twitter’s privacy policy. In relation to YouTube, click here for information on how Google uses cookies (YouTube is part of Google and relies on the same cookie documents).

2.4 The cookies referred to above are not placed or read by us, but by the relevant third party (service provider). For your convenience we have included (by reference) the information available on these cookies. However, no rights can be derived from this, as we have limited knowledge and control over these cookies. We assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for these third party cookies or how the relevant third parties use the gathered information. The third parties may use the gathered information for their own purposes. For further information on these cookies and how abovementioned third parties use the gathered information, please use the links provided above or contact the relevant third party.

3 Cookie settings, blocking and erasing cookies

3.1 You can change the browser settings on your device as to reject all or certain cookies, or to be informed of every new cookie. Furthermore via your browser you can delete placed cookies. We kindly refer to the All About Cookies website for more information on managing cookies. Please note that this informative website is not linked to us in any way and we have no influence on it whatsoever. You may also consult the help function of your browser for further information.

3.2. Please do note that if you reject or remove cookies via your browser, this will likewise affect necessary and performance cookies. This can affect the performance of this website and your ability to use (parts of) this website.

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