The Kuilted Kase

insta kuilted KARL - copyright paulinefashionblog.com_-3
Bao kuilted_bag_karl_lagerfeld_casquette_pepe_jeans
Wiktoria Confassion
modatutkusu Yasemin Flat Clutch
Kuilted paulinefashionblog.com_-3
Kuilted FFG
TokyoBanhBao Black Kuilted
emmagelaude Myfashionblog be
Emilie look3
MAshaSedwick kuiltedforwok2
Emilie BackPack2
annanooshin nsbml(ld)
Moda Tutkusu
MAshaSedwick kuiltedforwok
FFG Karl-Lagerfeld-Bag
Emilie BackPack

Introducing the KARL LAGERFELD Kuilted bags…

See the bucket on Pauline, Fashion Foie Gras , Modadtkusu girls, Emma and Masha while Emilie and Anna and Yasemin have adopted the backpack

But also the other styles like the Satchel, the Handbag and Flat Clutch on TokyoBanhBao, Fashion Foie Gras Yasemin from Modatutkusu and Wiktoria of Confassion!

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