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Many people are surprised to learn that Karl was a conversationalist; he had a genuine interest in speaking with everyone he met and learning about them. As a result, Karl’s circle of friends was vast-reaching — from fellow fashion industry insiders to athletes, artists, architects, authors, designers, journalists and more. Read below to discover how some of them best remember their dear friend Karl.

“Karl was Karl. He never gave the impression of leaving. He inspired the idea of life inside fashion. He lived fashion with his persona.”
Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci

“Karl’s greatest legacy is the cultural influence he left on the world through his vision and art. He is one of the most cultivated, innovative, unapologetically daring and bravest creatives I’ve ever worked with.”
Alton Mason, Model

“Karl changed my life. He shaped my destiny with his kindness and love! I wish that everyone can experience the joy of finding and loving such a guardian angel.”
Baptiste Giabiconi, Model

“One of my favorite things to do with Karl was to sit with him alone and hear stories about his past. His life was so fascinating. Getting to know him was one of my favorite memories.”
Cara Delevingne, Actress

“His legacy is being absolutely unforgettable. His mind is what I will miss the most, as well as his always precious advice.”
Carine Roitfeld, Style Advisor of KARL LAGERFELD

“I believe everyone should try to leave a legacy. Without a doubt, Karl did!”
Cristiano Ronaldo, Athlete

“Recently, we were organizing Karl’s archive and realized there’s nothing he didn’t do. He was a man of everything — not only fashion but art, movies, architecture, you name it. I loved his openness. Some people have a narrow vision, but he always seemed open, curious, and was never afraid to try something new. I also miss watching him sketch. I’ve worked with many designers but most of them didn’t know how to sketch, which is one of reasons why Karl and I become close during our first meeting. He said, ‘I don’t understand people who design without first sketching their ideas.’ It was very inspiring for me.”
Hun Kim, Design Director, KARL LAGERFELD

“What always fascinated me about Karl was his ability to celebrate the past without any nostalgia, while simultaneously remaining in the present and looking to the future.”
Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Photographer

“I’ll always remember the show fittings at the atelier. One time, my mom accompanied me and after Karl sent us downstairs to the store and said to pick out what
we wanted. My mom couldn’t believe it! He was such a generous man.”
Kate Moss, Model

“I was always in constant awe of Karl — the stories he would tell and how he would talk about life with me. One of my favorite things to do was just observe him; I wanted to learn everything about his greatness. I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to know such a legend.”
Kendall Jenner, Model

“Karl was a genius who inspired so many people in the industry and beyond, including me. There are so many facets to Karl’s legacy, and a fashion genius is just one
of them.”
Lewis Hamilton, Athlete

“Karl had an unapologetic approach to fashion. He gave the world a glimpse of what he found to be beautiful about it through his designs, ornate show settings, photography and really any medium with which he experimented.”
Olivia Palermo, Entrepreneur

“While we miss the personal interaction that we had so frequently with Karl, we are also blessed that we continue to feel his spirit all the time. It’s a mixture of sadness and, at the same time, a proud dynamic to carry on in Karl’s own words: ‘Embrace the present and invent the future.’ He would have wanted us to create new stories in his spirit, creativity and curiosity.”
Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of KARL LAGERFELD

“I miss everything about Karl — his sense of humor, his phone calls, his texts, his scent, his caring attention and the whole crazy life we had together. I’m forever grateful for the cultural legacy he gave me; I am the person I am today thanks to him.”
Sebastien Jondeau, KARL LAGERFELD Menswear Ambassador

“Karl was really one of a kind, with an unforgettable gift of talent and creativity, humor and true heart.”
Soo Joo Park, Model

“There was always so much to be learned when spending time with Karl, because he was an expert on everything. Karl possessed unmatched creative genius and vision. He brought his unique perspective and humor to everything he touched, including our partnership. Karl will always be fondly remembered, and his legacy will continue inspiring many generations to come.”
Tommy Hilfiger, Designer

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