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About the brand


Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most celebrated designers of the 21st century. He is renowned for his relevant approach to style and a curated vision that balances classic and contemporary influences. “I design like I breathe,” he says of his artistic process, “you don’t ask to breathe — it just happens.”

Amidst his many pursuits, Lagerfeld is the creative director of his own namesake fashion house, which combines Parisian-inspired styles with an effortless, rock-chic ease. Its wide breadth of covetable lifestyle collections includes — amongst others — women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories.

The KARL LAGERFELD brand also offers an invitation to discover the World of Karl: his enigmatic persona, sharp wit, cultured vision and cutting-edge perspectives. It conveys a distinct spirit that recognizes Lagerfeld as a more than just a man but an icon, an inspiration, and a force of nature on the future’s edge. It celebrates his own unique viewpoint: “Fashion is an attitude more than a clothing detail.”

Lagerfeld’s talent expands beyond fashion to include illustration, photography, styling and publishing. He also oversees the creative direction of the Chanel and Fendi fashion houses.


Consumers are invited to experience KARL LAGERFELD at over 100 monobrand points of sale around the world, including key locations in Paris, New York, Moscow, London, Dubai and Shanghai. The brand also has a premium wholesale distribution network throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The global flagship store on KARL.COM reaches 96 countries.

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