The Fly with Karl capsule has arrived!  The collection features caricatures of Karl as a pilot and Choupette as cabin crew.


But what does the famed feline really think about traveling? We sat down with Mademoiselle Choupette to ask about her travel essentials and tips for a bon voyage.


Where’s your favourite destination?

St. Tropez, New York City, Milan, Rome, London, Monte Carlo … each day is a new adventure for me. But jet-setting around the world can be quite exhausting. At the end of a trip, there’s no place like home – oui oui Paris!


What are your travel essentials?

My custom-made luggage, my iPad, and my personal dishes. (Eat from regular airplane plates? Moi? Non, merci.)


What’s your secret for long-haul flights?

Lots of water to keep hydrated – I need to keep my fur looking pristine at all times. I recommend the pure blend’s from Colette’s Water Bar.




What do you think of airplane food?

Clearly you’ve never flown with Karl. I have no complaints about my favorite dishes perfectly prepared.


Who’s your favourite travel companion?

Karl, of course. When he’s not available my nannies take care of me – brush my fur, manicure my paws, etc.


Where do you go to relax?

There’s an amazing quiet and private spot in … a secret is a secret, dahhhling.


Do you get jet-lagged?

Impossible. Even on a plane I sleep well, surrounded by fine sheets and soft pillows, so I’m well rested when we land. Doesn’t your plane have a bedroom?


What does Karl do while you fly?

Karl is a very busy man; he almost never stops creating! Typically, while we fly he’s busy thinking of a new collection or project. Though once I walk by, he always finds time for cuddles with me.