For over 20 years, Sebastien Jondeau has worked with Karl Lagerfeld in a role he describes as “a bit of everything — bodyguard, personal assistant, private secretary and general support.” Jondeau first met the designer in the early ‘90s, and has since become known as his trusted aid and confidant. Jondeau has travelled the world by Karl Lagerfeld’s side, accompanying him to every fashion show, photoshoot, fitting and event.


Sebastien was born in Paris, France, in 1975, and was raised in the city’s northern suburbs. At 15 years old, during school holidays, he worked in a family-owned art store that specialised in 18th century furniture. It was through this job that he met Karl Lagerfeld, who was a frequent patron of the shop and an avid collector. Jondeau had no aspirations for a career in the fashion industry, but after becoming acquainted with the designer, he inquired whether he might need a bodyguard. In 1998, Jondeau was hired.


Since then, the collaboration between Sebastien and Karl Lagerfeld has only grown, and Jondeau’s role has evolved. In 2005, he began modelling for the KARL LAGERFELD menswear label, and in 2017 his role expanded into a design capacity; the “KARL LAGERFELD curated by Sebastien Jondeau” menswear collection will launch in early 2018.

Outside of work, Sebastien is an extreme sports enthusiast who exercises daily. “I have to be prepared to defend Karl,” he says.