Meet the creative talents and influencers behind #TeamKarl. In this series, we get to know the movers and shakers who are shaping the KARL LAGERFELD brand and story.


She’s the rising star of modelling, who has captivated the fashion world since her runway debut at New York Fashion Week SS18. She’s the epitome of natural beauty, with a sharp eye for style and a killer sense of confidence. Meet Kaia Gerber, the star of the KARL LAGERFELD Fall-Winter 2018 campaign and KARL LAGERFELD X KAIA — an exclusive new collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, which will launch this Fall.




What is your favourite thing about modelling?

So far it’s been the people I’ve been able to meet — there’s such a diverse collection of all different types of people, who I otherwise wouldn’t meet in any other job. I love interacting with everyone.


If you weren’t a model, what would you be?

I’d be in full time school, and probably have no idea what I want to be! I think most people my age don’t yet have an idea what they want to do.




How do you describe your personal style in three words?

Boyish, simple and comfortable.


You travel a lot. Do you have a secret to beating jetlag?

Trying to get on a normal sleep schedule, even though it’s really hard. Whenever I land, all I want to do is get in bed and sleep. But then I force myself to stay up until the night time and then just sleep. I get really bad jetlag, but you just need to push through it.


What did you have for breakfast today?

A croissant. I had to — I’m in Paris!


What’s on your bucket list?

It was working with Karl, but now I’ve done that. So probably now it’s sky diving — but don’t tell my parents, it would terrify them!


Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I don’t even know where I see myself in a week, so it’s hard to say! I just hope I’m doing what I love and creating with incredible people.