Meet the creative talents and influencers that make up #TeamKarl. Here we shine a spotlight on the movers and shakers who are shaping the KARL LAGERFELD brand and story.


This week, meet #TeamKarl member Lima Ché. Lima is a Belgian fashion blogger and model who loves shopping and Indian food. Through her hugely successful blog, Lima’s Wardrobe, and her colourful Instagram feed, she provides daily style inspiration to her thousands of followers.


In 2015, she hosted special events to meet with followers at the KARL LAGERFELD stores in Antwerp and Brussels — an experience which she described as “unforgettable.”


Here she reveals a little more about herself…


Describe yourself in a Karlism ?

” Where do I get my energy? EDF (Envy, Desire and Forcefulness).”


Karl can’t live without sunglasses. What’s your must-have?

My bag! I always carry a designer bag with me, whatever I wear or wherever I go.



Kalm or Krazy ?

Krazy! Kalm is boring.


Kuilted or Klassik  ?

Kuilted! The more texture the better!


What could be the motto of #TeamKarl ?

Classy, sassy and a bit smart assy


Discover her universe