Meet the creative talents and influencers that make up #TeamKarl.

This series spotlights the movers and shakers behind the KARL LAGERFELD story with exclusive interviews and imagery.


Raphaelle Bellanger certainly puts the multi into multitasking. A student at the prestigious L’Ecole Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris, she started designing clothes when she was just nine years old.

By age 13, she had started her own blog, “mybellybutton” as a platform to showcase her creations and as a way to connect with other creative young people.


Now she’s turned her back on blogging, and is penning a book, Z Generation, with her best friend. It will explore the impact of social media, how her generation embraces the Internet and how technology impacts the diversity of their skills.

Oh, did we mention that Raphaelle also finds time to explore her interest in photography and dabble in lingerie and accessories?



Describe yourself in a Karlism ?

“I’m arguing in favor of the 48-hour day. I can’t manage with just 24 hours.”  Karl Lagerfeld


Karl cant live without sunglasses. Whats your must-have?

Without a doubt my sketchbook. I’m really obsessive and I’m constantly thinking about my projects, so I need to write down my feelings, my ideas or simply sentences. And I love to draw. And it’s obviously a way to never be bored. I’m more paper than Internet.


Kalm or Krazy ?

I’m really calm when I work, but my friends used to say that I’m crazy in my actions and my temperament.


Kuilted or Klassik ?



What could be the motto of #TeamKarl ?

Team Karl: the sunglasses team

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