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Archie Alled-Martinez collaborated closely with Designer Director Hun Kim and Style Advisor Carine Roitfeld throughout the creative process. He sat with Carine for an exclusive discussion about the one-of-a-kind collection. Watch the video to find out more.​


We invited three friends of the brand to showcase the hottest beach-ready styles and accessories in a new and exclusive campaign shot on location in Marseille.  Featuring Spanish singer-songwriter Eva Ruiz, German actor Dennis Mojen, and #TEAMKARL family member and French rapper Sneazzy, the selection highlights essential KL underwear styles and a curated assortment of elevated, urban beachwear that translates flawlessly from sand to city.


Eva Ruiz hails from the Canary Islands and in very a short amount of time has gained considerable traction as a rising R&B star in her native Spain. Her passions include poetry, surfing, reading and fashion.

Dennis Mojen is an established actor, having won the 2015 New Faces award for his role as Tommy in Tatort: Der Himmel ist ein Platz auf Erden.  He also starred in the Netflix romantic comedy film Isi & Oss and was featured in the streaming platform’s series INTO THE NIGHT.

Sneazzy is the face of KARL LAGERFELD underwear and an accomplished and versatile talent with an avid interest in fashion who has cemented his brand name within the fields of acting, singing, and rapping, among others.

The second collaboration between KARL LAGERFELD x AMBER VALLETTA brings chic and environmentally conscious ready-to-wear to your closet!

“Great style doesn’t have to be at the expense of sustainability.” – Amber Valletta


Amber Valletta envisioned creating a sustainable ready-to-wear collection that is timeless and stylish, including classic pieces such as a biker jacket, a little black dress, and a relaxed suit.

“We designed the collection to be effortlessly cool where the pieces could be interchangeable with multiple looks,” adds Amber.

“The rock ’n’ roll cactus leather biker jacket is super chic and the perfect timeless piece!” It’s also inspired by Karl’s Odina jacket and made with a vegan alternative material that’s naturally dyed.

“Karl’s iconic influence is at the core of this fashion-conscious collection, I see it like borrowing the best pieces from my boyfriend’s closet,” says Amber Valletta.


I thoughtfully chose the fabrics based on the best environmental choices at hand like certified 100% organic cotton from India, organic, GRS Certified recycled linen from Turkey and Italy, and innovative materials like Tencel x Refibra from Lenzing, a circular material using pre-consumer cotton waste in the blend,” explains Amber Valletta.


The biker jacket, K/Kushion bags, and footwear are made using cactus leather, a vegan alternative sourced from the leaves of the cacti.


Working with the KARL LAGERFELD production team, Amber Valletta kept manufacturing close to the fabric/fiber source to minimize shipping and reduce the carbon footprint where feasible.


Amber also thought about circularity.“I considered products’ end-of-life and suggested design adjustments to eliminate unnecessary elements like zippers that could make the product more difficult to break down,” says Amber.


Amber Valletta and the KARL LAGERFELD family made conscious decisions that lowered the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the collection as much as possible.


Amber shares some inspiration. The sustainable fashion journey is a challenge that can’t be done perfectly. It’s going to take all of us, bringing our unique perspectives together to make real change. This takes creativity, courage, collaboration, and commitment, which we have.”


Amber Valletta is a daily activist who uses her voice and influence to bring attention to the climate crisis and the actions that can be taken to solve it.


On a day-to-day basis, Amber makes mindful choices with her clothes: “I don’t throw any of my clothing in the trash – not even a sock! I keep them in a bag until I can drop them off at a take-back program or recycler.”


Amber Valletta drives an electric vehicle, reduces her plastic as much as possible, and uses a refillable water bottle.


“My mom instilled in me a sense of activism to protect my community and the environment. I learned how to stand up for what I believe in and do it with style.” – Amber Valletta


Are you ready to be fashionable & sustainable?


Happy New Year from the KARL family!

CEO Pier Paolo Righi, Design Director Hun Kim, SVP of Image and Communications Caroline Lebar, Style Advisor Carine Roitfeld, Menswear Ambassador Sébastien Jondeau, and Sustainability Ambassador Amber Valletta send their warmest wishes and share some personal New Year’s anecdotes.

Catching Up With Sneazzy

With a wide range of interests and a strong visual identity, multitalented French artist Sneazzy infuses his style in everything he does. Learn more about the new face of the exclusive KARL LAGERFELD underwear campaign.

Street-Style Inspiration: 3 ways to wear KARL BY KARL

With the city of light providing an idyllic background, we’ve curated a compilation of the chicest ensembles that highlight impeccable ways to wear the exclusive KARL BY KARL collection.  Inspired by Karl’s unmistakable silhouette and iconic sense of personal style, the gender-neutral selection pushes the boundaries of traditional dress codes in the best way possible. Explore the different approaches we’ve collected here and find inspiration on how to build your own unique look with key items and accessories from this one-of-a-kind collection.





When was the first time you went to Biarritz with Karl?
My first time in Biarritz with Karl was way back in the spring of 1998. At the time, I was actually working on the renovation of his house. When the project was finished, I managed to ask him if he wanted me to work for him. He answered, ‘Well, why not?’…and the rest is history!

What was it like to work as Karl’s bodyguard in Biarritz that first summer?
At first, my role wasn’t so clear. It was the first time in my life that I didn’t go on a summer holiday with friends. First, I was a little upset and a bit bored. Then, ultimately, I ended up becoming  a “Master Organizer” because I was working out a lot, doing a lot of sports, and I was in charge of organizing activities for Karl’s friends in Biarritz – that’s how I discovered surfing.

What did Karl like so much about Biarritz?
Karl loved Villa Elhorria and especially the story of his house. He first visited it many years ago. The villa is located on Alan Seeger street, an American poet who died during the First World War, and that Karl discovered in Biarritz. He was in love with the Basque country.

Do you know how to surf or e-surf?
Of course, I do. I learned how to surf in Biarritz. But I’m much better at e-surfing. Surfing is a very tough sport – you have to chase after the waves and practice every day to be able to enjoy it. You need to struggle and it’s a very difficult, technical sport.

What do you like best about e-surfing?
What’s cool about e-surfing is that you don’t need to row out to the waves. Also, thanks to the engine, you can surf without waves, so even in lakes or on the sea.

How do you dress for beach days?
When I go to the beach, I wear a very simple outfit: a KARL LAGERFELD T-shirt, board shorts and, most of the time, I’m barefoot.

What kind of energy does the ocean give you?
The sea helps me find my inner balance. It washes off all the negative waves. It’s like a complete reset. I can’t spend more than a week away from the sea or the ocean.

What’s the best place to chill in Biarritz?
When I often traveled to Biarritz, I used to surf between Anglet and Ilbarritz beach. I also loved going to Guéthary village, near the port. I remember one magic photo shoot with Karl at Fort de Socia in Cibourre – the sea was so stormy, but it was extraordinary!

Favorite beach on the French west coast?
My favorite beach is Plage de la Chambre d’Amour in Anglet.

Favorite accessory to go to the beach?
I’m not such a fan of total looks, but I really enjoy wearing my KARL LAGERFELD sunglasses and lie on my KARL LAGERFELD beach towel!


From today until June 20th, you can play our exclusive, online digital game, BREAKOUT WITH KARL. Simply break the bricks with the ball and paddle to reveal the weekly prize and a chance to win that piece yourself. Don’t miss your chance to play and discover this season’s most-wanted new arrivals from the Summer collection, inspired by Karl’s favorite holiday destination, Biarritz.”


She’s a supermodel, an actress, a sustainability activist … and now the newest collaborator with KARL LAGERFELD. The maison is pleased to welcome Amber Valletta to co-develop an eco-friendly accessories collection for the Spring 2021 season. But how did the model become so passionate about sustainability in fashion? Read on to discover her thoughts on the climate crisis, style advice, and her favorite memories of Karl Lagerfeld.

Do you remember the first time you met Karl in person? If so, what do you remember?
Goodness it was so long ago! I remember his keen eye and curious mind asking questions while doing a fitting for him at Chanel. And, of course … the fan!

What is your favorite memory of Karl?
My favorite memories with Karl are from the fun dinners he would host at his home in Paris. We ate at this elaborate table that was shaped in a circle with another inner circle on top that you turned to share food. We laughed and listened to Karl tell us stories — engaging all of us in his mesmerizing world. He was one of the most knowledgeable and interesting people I have ever known.

Your collaboration with KARL LAGERFELD focuses on accessories that are sustainably sourced and produced. Why is this important to you?
It’s undeniable that we are in a climate crisis. I believe that the only way forward in fashion is to recognize our industry’s part in contributing to that crisis. This means designing, sourcing and producing clothing and accessories that are thoughtfully made with innovative and sustainable materials. Karl was such an inspiration to me in this regard, because he designed classic forms but was always thinking outside of the box. He was a true innovator! This collaboration is exciting because it shows that we don’t have to sacrifice great style to make responsibly made fashion.

Why are you passionate about environmental sustainability and socially responsible fashion?
I believe there is no bigger existential threat to the world at large than the climate crisis. Fashion is one of the largest and most important industries on the planet and has the opportunity to be a REAL game changer in solving this crisis. I believe most people want to buy things they feel good about, without harming people or the planet. Making fashion with the well-being of people and the planet in mind will ultimately benefit everyone!

How would you style the K/Kushion bag? What would you wear it with?
The K/Kushion is such a cool and easy bag, and I feel it can be effortlessly worn with so many looks. I see the sleek black bag as a dressy statement piece. The green pleated style as an everyday chic bag, and the neutral cotton has more of a summer vibe. All three are great for travel, too!

What three words would you use to describe your style?
Cool, rock-and-roll, thoughtful.

What’s the best styling advice you ever received?
Less is more.

(Outside of a pandemic) what is your favorite city in the world to visit?

What is the one item you always pack in your suitcase?
A book.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
Reading, knitting, gardening, bugging my dogs, little art projects, sports.

Heels or flats?

Books or movies?

Summer or winter?

Ocean or mountains?
Mountains against the ocean.


KARL LAGERFELD presents SS21 menswear collection, as styled by Sébastien Jondeau.
During the campaign shooting in St-Barts, we’ve asked Karl Lagerfeld’s menswear ambassador to answer a few questions about his beloved island.

Do you remember your first time in St Barts?
My first time in St Barts was back in 2001. I can remember it like it was yesterday. While he was editing pictures after a photo shoot at Karl’s house in Biarritz, photographer Pascal Brault invited me to come with him, his friend, his mother and sister to spend 10 days in St Barts. We arrived very late in the French West Indies; a boat took us from Saint Martin to St Barts at night. Full moon, glassy sea, everything was magical!

When’s the best time to visit St Barts?
The best time of the year to enjoy St Barts is in April. The weather is beautiful, rather dry and there’s no wind. I usually travel to the West Indies in December for Christmas; the weather’s more hectic but there’s a sense of magic and excitement you can’t find anywhere else.

Where do you usually stay in St Barts?
I usually rent a house that I share with some good friends. It feels like home, better than a hotel.

Which color would best describe St Barts?
All shades of blue!

What would you wear for a beach day in St Barts?
During the day, I usually wear board shorts, minimal, soft KARL LAGERFELD polo, a cap and my favorite Rue St-Guillaume slides.

What would you wear for a night out in St Barts?
At night I prefer to wear jeans, a KARL LAGERFELD white shirt, and a pair of comfortable and stylish leather sneakers.

The best surf spot in St Barts?
The best spot to surf is Lorient but I love going to Toiny beach too!

The best spot for lunch with friends?
My new favorite spot is Gyp Sea beach! The atmosphere is very warm and cozy and the food is tasty too.

What’s the St Barts lifestyle?
It’s a mix of bohemian chic and surfing vibes.

The St Barts atmosphere in one word?


Since his arrival in Paris in the early 1950s, Karl Lagerfeld shared a connection with Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a connection which lives on today. The spirit of the neighborhood resonated with him — with its artistic and literary fervor, book stores, antique dealers and cafés, it was a hub for passionate creatives. Over the years, he had lived all over Saint-Germain and, ever curious, had come to learn a great deal about the neighborhood’s architecture, with its rich Art Nouveau and Art Deco heritage.

It was no surprise then, that he chose to establish his namesake Maison in a hôtel particulier at 21 Rue Saint-Guillaume, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Erected in 1887, the building was designed by architect Albert Tournade (1847-1891), known for his award-winning design for the protestant Temple Neuf in Strasbourg and his prize-winning submission to the competition for the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris.

The neoclassical architectural style of the street — with its grandeur of scale, simplicity of geometric forms, blank walls and Roman detail — was the new taste for antique simplicity. It proved to be the perfect backdrop for one of Karl Lagerfeld’s longstanding inspirations: Art Deco. The visual arts and architecture movement, originating in France in the 1920s, combined streamlined, modern and geometric styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials.

Karl’s love of Art Deco had led him to amass a well-edited collection of furniture, lamps decorative arts and ceramics which he had been collecting since the 1960s. The collection represented what he called the “‘the roots of modernity,’ an Art Deco style which is restricted to the sparest of forms, expressing both originality and elegance.” A style which he embraced not only in the decoration of his homes, but in that of the maison in addition to his own designs.

Art Deco represents sleek and anti-traditional elegance that looks to the future, a concept which pairs well with the creative vision of his brand: one that interprets timeless Parisian style, with a touch of modern rock chic. To this day, the movement is intertwined with the brand’s DNA, appearing throughout the KARL LAGERFELD collections with perfect forms, sharp angles and polished silhouettes that look to the future.



How does it feel to be working with KARL LAGERFELD?

Cool! I’ve never worked with KARL before, so I’m really excited about it.


Do you have a routine you always follow while on set?

First drink a tea, then enjoy having my makeup and hair done.


What three words would you use to describe your style?

Comfortable, boyish and bohemian.

What’s the best styling advice you ever received?

I tell myself: it has to be comfortable. Other girls always wear heels, especially in Paris at castings, and I’m always in jeans and sneakers!


What Instagram accounts do you follow for style inspiration?

Zoe Kravitz and Rihanna.


What’s your favourite city in the world to visit?

The last city I went to was Taipei in Taiwan. I was so surprised by it, and I loved it. The food was amazing. I wish I could go every year just to eat and enjoy the city.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love to garden. I can spend all day in my garden, planting seeds and herbs. I like to make my own furniture for the garden, too, and work with my hands.


What is the one item you always pack in your suitcase?

My flip-flops.


Phone call or text?



Dogs or cats?



Train or plane?



Mountains or beach?



Chocolate or vanilla?



Heels or flats?




How does it feel to be working with KARL LAGERFELD?

Karl was a legend, so it’s great to be working with his namesake brand. It’s an honour.


What do you like about the brand?

I like the mix: there’s really chic and classy pieces, mixed with relaxed styles.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love swimming, having drinks with friends, going to the beach, and taking my dog to the woods. I played water polo for a long time, but the combination doesn’t work with my modelling schedule.

What three words would you use to describe your style?

Comfortable, cool and… I love black.


Do you have a role model?

For fashion, it’s old Celine. In life, it’s my parents.


What’s your favourite city in the world to visit?

Sydney and Bondi Beach. For work I love Paris — that’s where I started my modelling career.


What is the one item you always pack in your suitcase?

My iPhone and charger. And a toothbrush!


Who would be your dream person to sit next to on an airplane?

I don’t really have an idol. I can sit beside anybody!


Early bird or night owl?

Night owl, for sure.


Coffee or tea?

Tea. I don’t like the taste of coffee!


Burgers or tacos?



Summer or winter?



Books or movies?



Happy New Year! The entire KARL LAGERFELD family wishes you a happy, safe and healthy 2021.


Together or apart, it’s always a good moment to tell someone you care. In time for the holiday season, KARL is pleased to offer you complimentary holiday greeting cards to share with your loved ones. There are two bespoke card options available — click below to download. You can then send the e-cards either digitally or print a copy to send via post.
Karl Digital E-card
Choupette Digital E-card
Karl Printable Card
Choupette Printable Card
From the entire team at KARL LAGERFELD, we’d like to extend our warmest wishes for healthy and happy holidays, and a wonderful New Year.
Season’s Greetings!


For the next four weeks, you have the chance to play the KATCH KARL game at KARL.COM/katchkarl. Catch this week’s most coveted item from the Metallic Ikonik collection, for your chance to win that piece yourself.

Until November 30, there will be a different prize up for grabs each week! Don’t miss your chance to play — plus discover this season’s most covetable new arrivals, including the Metallic Ikonik collection.


Based in London, Siobhan is a DJ, producer and tastemaker whose tracks combine influences of ‘90s R&B, garage, grime and Jersey Club. Having started her career as an intern at a record label, she began to DJ through small performances with friends which soon snowballed in popularity. Today she jumps between festival line-ups, a self-produced European tour, solo sets at the iconic Boiler Room, and more. Read on to discover more about the newest member of #TEAMKARL and a participant in the KARL LAGERFELD X Music collaboration.


Siobhan Bell

Current location:




When do you start DJing / How did you become a DJ?

I always wanted to work in music, but I wasn’t sure of the roles and what you could do; I looked at it as kind of a different world. I started interning at Atlantic Records (Asylum), and that was my first taste of being in the music industry. At the time Ed Sheeran had just been signed, so I had the pleasure of seeing how his first album was put together. While interning, me and my friends — who were all DJs — ran a collective in the East London circuit, throwing our own parties and DJing at the most memorable nights like Work It and Living Proof. I also DJd every Sunday for six hours at Nike Town Oxford Circus; that’s where I practiced and met promoters, and it took off from there.

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

I’ve always been a bit of an old soul, so I love ‘90s R&B. I like the fact that music of that time pulls from real life situations. I’m into quite a few new contemporary R&B artists like Snoh Aalegra and Summer Walker.

Describe your style in three words?

Experimental. Effortless. Cool.

What’s your favorite thing about the KARL LAGERFELD brand?

It manages to stay true to the true essence of who Karl was. When you wear his clothing, you feel like you’re wearing a part of him.

Where do you find style inspiration?

A lot of my inspiration comes from travelling! For example, when I’m in Europe I love to wear different outwear and hats. But then when I’m in LA, I like to switch it up with different accessories like sunglasses. So, it really depends on where I am in the world.

Do you have a style philosophy or motto?

Sunglasses aren’t just for the day — they’re also for night!

You travel a lot; what are the must-have items you always pack in your suitcase?

A face mask; a belt (no one understands how important a belt is); at least two pairs of heels; and sunglasses for day and night.

What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

New York, because it’s my second home.

What’s your most-used emoji?


What’s your state of mind during a DJ set?

To make sure the crowd is vibing with me.

What are the biggest challenges facing you as a female in the music industry?

I feel like some men are still adjusting to the idea of alpha women being in the same space. There’s also the idea that there’s only room for one female, when there is now a higher percentage of female DJs coming through.

What’s your favorite track at the moment?

Black Parade by Beyoncé.

What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ?

Make sure you take time to learn your craft properly, in order to have longevity. Make sure you have awareness of your audience. Embrace your DJ persona and don’t be afraid to create your own lane!

What’s the best thing about being a part of the #TEAMKARL community?

Karl was a visionary and it feels like I’ve joined a family.


Living between Ibiza and Amsterdam, Chelina has become renowned as a strong female force who’s one of the most promising artists in the underground music scene. Known for her groovy-powerful blends, her performances attract crowds to Ibiza’s most iconic clubs and festivals. Read on to discover more about the newest member of #TEAMKARL and a participant in the KARL LAGERFELD X Music collaboration.


Chelina Manuhutu

Current location:



DJ / Producer

When do you start DJing / How did you become a DJ?

I started playing in 2007, just from a love that I have for music. It happened naturally; I got my own DJ equipment and started to practice. I already knew how to play a little, because my brother was also a DJ and I learned to play by watching him. Sometimes, when he wasn’t home or was sleeping, I sneaked into his room to play some records on his turntables, trying to figure out how everything worked. Luckily back then it was just a two-channel mixer and nothing fancy with all kinds of buttons! So, I played a lot at home, then at house parties, and it grew from there. I was craving more, so in 2011 I started professionally and was determined to take it to another level.

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Actually, a lot of new promos that other producers sent to me!

What’s your state of mind during a DJ set?

I’m totally into the music flow, enjoying every little bit and soaking up the energy that the crowd gives me.

Do you have a pre-performance ritual you always follow?

At the last minute, I’m always downloading tracks for my sets, because I always try to add fresh and up-to-date music releases, so my sets are each different to one other. Of course, I’m also checking if I have all my DJ equipment with me!

Describe your music style in three words:

Funky, groovy, baselines.

What’s your favorite thing about the KARL LAGERFELD brand?

The way that Karl always pushed the brand forward and was looking to the future. I felt a continuous flowing energy, and it can be seen in the evolution of the collections.

Where do you find style inspiration?

I find inspiration by going to some of my favorite stores in Amsterdam, and of course checking online. Nowadays you can mix different styles, so you can put together whatever you think suits you; I like that it makes everyone unique.

Who’s your style role model?

I like a lot of different styles — from urban to classic — so there’s not just one specific role model for me. I like to combine different pieces, even men’s styles; it all depends on what kind of mood I’m in!

Do you have a style philosophy or motto?

I have a big quote in my studio that says, “Good music doesn’t have an expiration date,” so I guess we could say the same for fashion, right?

You travel a lot; what are the must-have items you always pack in your suitcase?

White and black t-shirts (as many sneakers as I can carry); white sport socks; and of course, my USB stick with music.

What’s your most-used emoji? 


What are the biggest challenges facing you as a female in the music industry?

In the beginning it was hard to be taken seriously as a female artist, especially in the underground music scene I’m in. When people get to know what you do, you will earn their respect, but first you have to prove yourself. For me the challenge is to always stay yourself, no matter what people tell you to be or do; I just want to play the music I want to play.

What’s your favorite track at the moment?

For me it’s not only one track — it’s about the mix and the buildup, which together makes a hell of a party! Right now, I’m loving the track My Head by Tyler Coey.

What’s the best thing about being a part of the #TEAMKARL community?

I love to be a part of this team! It’s bringing together different artists who share a passion for fashion and music. Karl was someone who spoke his opinion in fashion, like DJs and producers do with their music.

For me, Karl was always so inspiring as a designer — bringing in new things and points of view that people had never thought about. He was always daring to do things differently from others; he gave people a bigger dimension of fashion.


Over the last decade, LA-based producer TOKiMONSTA has helped define the sound of modern dance and beat music. Born Jennifer Lee, she was classically trained as a pianist before delving into music production; she has since launched over six albums and earned a 2018 Grammy Award nomination. Read on to learn more about TOKiMONSTA and the KARL LAGERFELD X Music collaboration.



Current location:

Los Angeles


Producer / DJ

When do you start DJing / How did you become a DJ?

I started DJing as a way to perform the music I was producing. If you’re in a rock band, you tour as a band. As an electronic producer, you tour as a DJ. Though my style of DJ is almost more like a live performance.

When creating music, where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anywhere: going to a concert, watching a film, visiting an art gallery, fashion. Anything that puts me in a creative mood is fuel to start a song.

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Black Qualls by Thundercat.

Describe your style in three words:

Psychedelic, composed, street.

What’s your favorite thing about the KARL LAGERFELD brand?

The legacy of Karl Lagerfeld and the futurist vision.

Where do you find style inspiration?

I find style inspiration through travel. I love absorbing how people interpret personality through what they wear.

Who’s your style role model?

I love the fierceness of Grace Jones, but the pure art of Bjork.

Do you have a style philosophy or motto?

Wear what feels good and represents the most authentic version of yourself.

You travel a lot; what are the must-have items you always pack in your suitcase?

Eyemask, ear plugs, face mask, headphones, and several battery packs for my cell phone.

What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

I have so many I can’t even list them! At this point, traveling back home to L.A. has become my favorite destination.

What’s your most-used emoji?

What’s your state of mind during a DJ set?

I just want to have fun and create the same electric energy with the crowd.

Do you have a pre-performance ritual you always follow?

My pre performance is usually to usually be completely chill and walk on stage like it’s a complete normal part of my life. It helps quell any pre-show anxiety.

What are the biggest challenges facing you as a female in the music industry?

I think many women are disregarded as true talents. There is an assumption that we are not worthy talents and it takes us twice as much effort to get the same amount of respect as our male peers.

What’s your favorite track at the moment?

I’m kind of obsessed with my own track “Fried for the Night” featuring Earth Gang.

What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ?

Be true to yourself and your own uniqueness.

What’s the best thing about being a part of the #TEAMKARL community?

I love the support and uplifting of strong females.


In designing the STUDIO KL collection, there was no better place to look for creative inspiration than in KARL’s own archive.

From tuxedo dresses to pantsuits and blazers, the capsule replicates some of Karl Lagerfeld’s most iconic designs from the 1990s — updated for today with fresh silhouettes, cuts and fabrics.

The capsule has been curated by Carine Roitfeld, Style Advisor of the Maison KARL LAGERFELD, and the archive styles were reinterpreted by Hun Kim, the brand’s Design Director.
“This collection is the perfect blend of past and future, and it celebrates Karl’s everlasting design aesthetic,” says Carine Roitfeld. “The styles nod to an iconic ‘90s aesthetic, but we’ve interpreted them in a way that’s very contemporary, fresh and cool.”

The STUDIO KL collection features two black tuxedo jackets with asymmetrical lapels, tailored black pants, a black cutout dress, and a playful tie accessory that clips around the neck. There’s also a versatile cape-jacket and matching pinstripe trousers, plus a timeless white shirt, a pique mini skirt and faux leather leggings.



Carine Roitfeld is one of fashion’s most prolific personalities — she is a storyteller, image inventor, avant-garde editor and visionary stylist. After a decade as the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, she went on to found her own namesake magazines, CR Fashion Book and CR Men, and began her own creative consulting agency called CR Studio.

Most recently, she has been appointed as Style Advisor of the maison KARL LAGERFELD; as a longtime friend of Karl, she understood his creative vision and is perfectly suited to bring his design aesthetic to life. Read on to discover more about her style rules, wardrobe essentials and why she loves Paris.

What would people be surprised to know about Karl?
Karl did so much, which some people might not know or recognize. He was the first to do freelance; he was the first to collaborate with H&M. He was so cultured, and he could talk about anything.

What are your top three wardrobe essentials?
As a French woman: a black skirt, a pair of stilettos, and a black sweater. It’s actually very boring! But even with three boring pieces, I think about how to make them less boring. With a black skirt and black jumper, I’ll add white shoes. I like t-shirts that are a bit rock-and-roll. You always need something imperfect — a twist, if you will.

How do you mix masculine and feminine pieces into your wardrobe?
It’s exactly like Karl. I love tailoring and especially men’s tailoring. I love the shoulders and the stiffness; I love tailoring like a uniform and I don’t like “soft” pieces. I prefer to be tight and structured. I like rigor.

What makes Paris such an iconic fashion capital?
We’ve always been one. People try to steal from us, but we still come back! Lots of international designers come back to Paris to show; even for men it’s becoming bigger and bigger.

Velvet or silk?

Heels or flats?

Skirts or dresses?

Coffee or tea?

Early bird or night owl?
Neither. I like to sleep in and go to bed early!


Get creative with Endless! For the #STAYHOMEWITHKARL program, the artist (who has never revealed his real name) has created a special tutorial for how to replicate one of his images of Karl. 

To complete the lesson you’ll need a pen, scissor, paper and a printer (if you don’t have a printer, you can also trace). 

Head to Instagram and watch the video on @KARLLAGERFELD’s IGTV 


June 2019
If you roam the boroughs of London, chances are you can spot Endless’ work when you least expect it; his provocative street art covers buildings, tunnels, billboards and old factories around town.

“Endless” — who has never disclosed his real name — is an English artist whose rise to fame began some years ago. He created street art by the cover of darkness at night, and when people saw his work in daylight they began to follow him on social media. Today, his work continues to surprise people in major metropolitan cities around the world, plus it also appears in renowned galleries and exhibitions.

Endless’ work touches on themes of popular culture, including images of fashion industry icons like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Anna Wintour. Last year, a portrait of Karl Lagerfeld was spotted by a member of the #TEAMKARL family, which resulted in a collaboration between KARL LAGERFELD and Endless.

Karl Lagerfeld often appears in your work. Why is that?

I have been painting Karl for about five years, on the streets and on canvases. My main concept was brand worship and how we worship brands like a religion. Karl was the god of this. Putting him on a pedestal is commenting on that society of niche fashion.

How did you get the idea to use the city as your backdrop?

It was a way for me to advertise my work for free. I didn’t want to have to go to galleries or rely on anyone. My concept is to take the art that’s already on the street — like billboards and advertisements — and manipulate it with my own philosophy.

What is your process for painting in public? Is it done in “secret” or at night time?

It’s a real mixture. At the start I went out three or four times a week, from two o’clock in the morning until the sun came up, all around London and doing my work illegally. It’s all advertising, without permission. I did that constantly for four or five years, and built up a following on social media — that’s a huge thing in the art world now. Galleries started to get in touch with me and my following started to grow.

Where do you find your inspiration?

The world around us, especially fashion and branding. I’ve chosen to comment on fashion, graphics, branding, billboards and advertising. A lot of my work uses ad techniques, then puts them into my own thoughts.

What do you admire about Karl?

Karl wasn’t caught up with who’s famous in society, in the art world, or in the design world. The idea of celebrity is so huge and alluring, but the way Karl lived his life was a good moral for everyone in the creative world. He knew what he liked, and it didn’t matter if there was fame attached to it. That’s a true creative genius.

Where did the name “Endless” come from?

The basis of the name was to do with my thought process and endless ideas. When I started using the word in my work, it linked with other words like endless branding, endless advertising, endless world. When you become your own brand, it’s like you’ve come full circle.

How do you describe your style in three words?

Layered. Organized. Chaos.

Karl never left home without his sunglasses. What’s the item you never leave home without?

My iPhone; it has such a good camera, so it’s perfect for recording anything you see.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

Extremely upset.

May 2020

Few people can say they had a close relationship with Karl Lagerfeld — let alone one that lasted for more than 35 years. Caroline Lebar first began working with Karl in 1985, and in the collaboration that ensued they developed a deep level of trust, both professionally and personally.

Outside of her work, Caroline has an unexpected passion: baking tarts. Read the interview to discover how she fell into the hobby, how she creates her exquisite recipes, her favorite ingredients, and more.


Caroline (Karo) Lebar


Paris, France


Head of Image & Communications at KARL LAGERFELD

When did you first begin working with Karl Lagerfeld?

I started with Karl in 1985. That was the real beginning of the KARL LAGERFELD company. He wasn’t famous then, but he was already very impressive because he was so charismatic. And I was very shy!

What was a professional highlight of all your years working with Karl?

The H&M collaboration in 2004. The difference from one day to the next was incredible. I was in a store with a journalist for the reveal of the collection to public and it was a huge success — people were literally fighting for the collection. We didn’t expect this indescribable craziness; I called Karl to inform him, and he was also really shocked.

The day after, he needed to go to the 7L (his bookstore in Paris), and people were waiting for him outside of his house! That was the beginning of Karl being not just a fashion designer, but a rockstar. He couldn’t go out by himself anymore. People were really shouting “Karl!” all over the world. The power of H&M was very international.

What would people be surprised to know about Karl?

His kindness. His loyalty. His open-mindedness. How funny he was! And how very, very, very caring he was.

Outside of work you have a unique hobby. When did you first start making tarts?

About eight years ago, when I bought my countryside house. The garden was a huge mess, but within the mess we found lots of fruits — especially prunes, wild blackberries. They were delicious and very sweet. I was eating them all day long, but there was so much fruit, I felt like we were wasting some of it. So, I bought dough and put the fruit in it, very well organized. When it came out of the oven it was beautiful.

How did it this turn into two cookbooks (“Une tarte pour dimanche” / “A tart for Sunday” and “Une tarte pour Samedi” / “A tart for Saturday”)?

I got a message from Marabout/Hachette, one of the biggest publishers in France, and at first I thought it was a joke! I said, “OK, if it his is true then stop by my office for a meeting.” I couldn’t believe it when they showed up! The first book was translated into Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch. We later did a second book of both savory and sweet tarts.

What is your favorite flavor of tart?

I like all fruit, especially berries. I love almond cream!

What do you enjoy about baking tarts?

It’s all about creative expression. I go early in the morning to the fruit market and when I’m in front of the display I don’t see fruit — I see colors and shapes.

Your tarts are like a piece of art! Do you ever find it difficult to slice (and eat) them?

In fact, I don’t eat the tarts so much! My real pleasure is to create something graphic with a pattern and colors. I take a photo, then it goes on the table, and my husband will test the taste. I don’t think if I am “breaking” the beauty of the tart; my concern is that, after all the effort, that it tastes good; my best reward is a smile on a face!

What’s your favorite thing about living in Paris?

The freedom, the culture, and the beauty of the city.

How do you describe your style?

Not masculine but androgynous. Sleek. Clean. A bit of fantasy together with something strict.

What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

Cap Ferret, near Bordeaux. There’s 40km of beach, with no buildings and big sand dunes. I’ve been going there every summer for 29 years. I’m very loyal!

What advice do you have for someone looking to start a career in fashion?

When starting any job — not just in fashion — be patient, open-minded and ready to do anything. There are a lot of people that are willing to do the job; what will make the difference is your enthusiasm, good will, and professionalism. You need to be ready to work hard to achieve your goals!

What’s your favorite thing about working at KARL LAGERFELD?

TEAM KARL! The people. Everyone is interesting, honest, and true to themselves.


Get your nails on point! #STAYHOMEWITHKARL welcomes renowned manicurist Lauren Michelle Pires to lead an at-home manicure tutorial. Lauren has created a bespoke nail art design, with a chic camouflage pattern inspired by the KARL kameo logo silhouette.

You’ll need a nail file, a base coat and one colored nail polish of your choice. Click below to download the template for your manicure.

Head to Instagram and watch the video on @KARLLAGERFELD’s IGTV!


April 2020

Hun Kim says it was a mutual love of illustration that first sparked his connection with Karl Lagerfeld back in 2015. “Throughout my career I’ve worked with many designers, but most of them didn’t know how to sketch, which is one of the reasons why Karl and I become close,” Kim recalls. “Karl said, ‘I don’t understand people who design without first sketching their ideas.’ It was very inspiring for me, and we had an immediate click.”

As Design Director of the Maison KARL LAGERFELD, Kim worked in close collaboration with Lagerfeld to drive the future of the brand’s creative identity. Today, he continues to establish a compelling new narrative for the brand — with eclectic inspirations ranging from his own international travels to history, pop culture and a heavy emphasis of the future.

“Carrying the weight of Karl’s legacy is a big responsibility, but through my years of working with him, we developed a mutual understanding of design and our collective vision,” Kim explains. “Karl always guided what he liked, and what he wanted changed; he had an eagle eye. It was amazing to work with and learn from the greatest fashion icon of our time.”


Hun Kim


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Design Director, KARL LAGERFELD

How did you first become interested in fashion design?

I was born with it! I grew up in fashion; my mom was a designer and I have been surrounded by it my whole life. I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Seoul, my home city, before I immigrated to the USA and started working in fashion in New York City.

Tell us more about the love for sketching that you and Karl shared?

Sketching is universal. Even if you don’t speak the same language, a sketch can translate your ideas without saying a word. For designers that’s very special.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere! Traveling, cultures, cities and — things which Karl also loved — history architecture, interior design, art. When you look around you, there’s always inspiration.

Do you have a style philosophy or motto?

Express yourself! People restrict themselves too much. Try something different; break the rules!

How do you describe your personal style?

Eclectic. I get inspired by other people, and I wear lots of different things. Karl had a strong signature look that he was known for wearing all the time, but my style is varied. I love to try new things!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Cooking … and eating! I love to try different foods from different cultures. Food is like fashion. People get dressed up for different occasions, and food is like that too. Beautiful presentation inspires me.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Amsterdam?

The canals and water everywhere — it’s very calming and soothing. We’re living in hundreds of years of history, combined with modern twists, but it’s not a concrete jungle. Plus, it’s very international!

What’s your top travel destination and why?

It’s a tie between Tokyo and Seoul. I love both cultures!

What advice would you give to an aspiring fashion designer?

Think practically on top of your creativity, and it will give you more opportunities. I’ll make it a food analogy: it’s nice to eat caviar one in a while, but not every day. You also need staples. Bread doesn’t need to be expensive, but you can go to an artisan bakery where it’s made with quality and passion and love. You can treasure and enjoy it! Try to think of your design and your creativity like that.

What’s your favorite thing about working at KARL LAGERFELD?

Diversity. It sounds very textbook, but it’s true! We have over 20 nationalities, with people from France, England, Holland, Russia, Spain and more; everyone has different characteristics and we all get along together really well!

April 2020

When it comes to creative women, Aria Crescendo is somewhat of a superhero. She’s a singer, a songwriter, a professional dancer and a certified yoga instructor … plus a mama to little baby boy!

Seeking balance in her busy lifestyle, Aria’s philosophy focuses on grounding herself in her yoga and meditation practice. “Taking care of your body and mind is important in everyday life,” she explains. Read on to discover more about this globe-trotting yoga guru!


Aria Crescendo (@aria.official)


Paris / Los Angeles


Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Yoga Instructor

When did you first start practicing yoga?

Early 2000. My background is in dance, but I started yoga at an Iyengar school, then an Ashtanga school, and finally did a YogaWorks teacher training.

Why did you decide to become a yoga instructor?

When I realized that it’s the only way for me to ground myself in a world that’s not always easy to cope with. Yoga helps me to re-center myself and put my energy into things that really matters to me.

Why do you like meditation?

For the same reason that I like yoga. The style of yoga that I teach is a meditation in movement, so it’s the same for me to practice postures or stillness. It’s all matter of the energy I need that day! I meditate while sitting or moving.

What are your top tips for staying healthy during this period of quarantine?

Practicing every day to keep the stress away. Taking care of your body and mind is important in the quarantine, but also in everyday life. And I love that more and more people are practicing now because they have more time … I just hope these good habits will stay for good after as well!

How do you describe your style?

Eclectic. I like to change all the time depending on my mood! Sometimes I like crazy styles and sometimes I need peace; it’s all a question of balance for me, even if most of the time I am very rock-and-roll.

Where do you find style inspiration?

Karl Lagerfeld! I like to check all the big brands and see what’s in style at the moment, but sometimes I also like to mix what’s in fashion with what’s classic or out of fashion that year. I’ll say I am rebellious and like to go against fashion sometimes!

Do you have a style philosophy or motto?

Make sure you are always happy with your style when you look into the mirror. You have to be happy with yourself and not other people around you.

Do you have a style icon?

Kate Moss back in the day, Gwen Stefani, Madonna. I like strong women whose clothes look good on them because of their charisma and how they carry themselves.

What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

Los Angeles! I’m stuck in Paris at the moment and I miss LA a lot. In LA there is something in the air where it makes you want to be the best version of yourself, no matter what you are doing. Music, yoga, fashion — it’s the classic version of the American dream.

What’s your most-used emoji?

The heart, because I like to send love and positive vibes always.

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the #TEAMKARL family?

Karl Lagerfeld for me is such a legend. I had the chance to work with the brand team in Paris and the energy is just fire! It’s so inspiring and I love to be a part of the #TEAMKARL family.


This special new program features live classes to help keep you inspired, entertained and active while staying home — and hopefully keep you smiling!

The initiative includes a range of activities like yoga, DJ performances, workouts, sketching lessons and more. Each class is taught by a different member of the KARL LAGERFELD family.

Follow @KARLLAGERFELD and #STAYHOMEWITHKARL on Instagram and stay tuned! A notification will be posted the day before each event, to inform you about the activity. The event will be streamed through Instagram Stories or Instagram Live, and later reposted on the feed or IGTV for those who wish to re-watch.

The concept celebrates our global KARL LAGERFELD community and creates a sense of togetherness during these unprecedented times. Join the movement and #STAYHOMEWITHKARL.



Click below to download the exclusive images. Files titled “w/ Guide” are “color by numbers.”

Choupette w/ Guide
Hashtag w/Guide
Polaroid w/ Guide
Karl Silhouette
Karl Silhouette w/Guide
Camera w/ Guide

April 2020

Merchandiser by day, yoga instructor by night. Meet Alexandra Raoufi, who works in KARL LAGERFELD’s ready-to-wear team and is also a certified yoga teacher.

“It’s the perfect mix,” Alexandra explains. “After a busy day at the office, teaching a class gives me balance to be present in the moment and focus on my breathing.” Her lessons combine mindful alignment and playful asana practice.

Outside of her work and yoga, Alexandra loves to travel — perhaps as a result of her international heritage. She is half German, half Afghan, and grew up between Germany, England and Italy; she also speaks all three of these languages. Last but not least, there’s one other hobby she says she can’t resist: cooking. “Eating with friends is one of my favorite activities,” she jokes. “My all-time favorite food is Italian.”


Alexandra Raoufi


Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Merchandising Manager at KARL LAGERFELD and part-time yoga instructor

When did you first start practicing yoga?

I was interested in yoga for a long time and did the occasional class, but I started practicing regularly in 2014. A year later, in 2015, I did a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Florence, Italy, through Yoga Alliance.

Why did you decide to become a yoga instructor?

I wanted to deepen my own practice and body awareness, and also re-establish what years of gymnastics and dance taught me. I also wanted to help others to discover the positivity that I discovered with yoga.

How do you balance your job at KARL LAGERFELD with yoga?

It’s the perfect balance — one is high-paced, and one is calming.

How do you describe your style?

It changes between sweats for yoga, and classic KARL styles when I’m a work. Of course, my outfits also need to be bicycle appropriate, as I live in Amsterdam!

Where do you find style inspiration?

Instagram. People watching in Italy. Our KARL LAGERFELD style team.

Do you have a style philosophy or motto?

Less is more. Comfort is also key for me.

What’s your favorite travel destination and why?

Italy — I feel like I’m Italian at heart! I also recently went to Koh Phangan in Thailand and I was blown away by the positivity, spirituality, and of course the food!

What’s your favorite thing about working at KARL LAGERFELD?

The support and the friendships — people are really there for each other. We have an amazing team spirit and we are one big family!

February 2020

Emily Adams Bode is a New York-based designer who has founded her own menswear label, BODE, based on principles of sustainability: she sources deadstock fabrics from abandoned factories and repurposes it into beautiful, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind garments. Each of her resulting designs tell a beautiful story of old and new.

In an industry dominated by men, Emily also stands for female empowerment and is paving the way for female entrepreneurs; she was the first female designer to show at NYFW: Men’s.

Named the winner of the 2020 Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation at the International Woolmark Prize, Emily is the newest member of the #TEAMKARL family. 

How did you get into fashion design?

I went to Parson’s in New York and did the dual degree program in menswear design and philosophy. I originally became interested in design as a little kid, but I didn’t know what it meant to have a career in fashion per se. By the time I was in high school I took extracurricular classes in sewing and drawing, and it evolved from there.

What does it mean to you that Karl Lagerfeld’s career began after he won the Woolmark Prize in 1954? Do you think you can follow in his footsteps?

When I first applied for the prize and read about its history, that’s what I was most intrigued about. A prize like this is founded in changing people’s understanding of materials and material culture. You can image that when Karl showed his designs, people were surprised by them. That’s what this prize is all about: being innovative with wool, using it in new ways, printing it, patchworking it, and all sorts of different methods.

Where can we find your designs?

I have a studio in China Town in New York, on East Broadway, and I just opened my first retail store in November. We have around 105 global stockists. Half of our business is in Europe which is why we also show in Paris at men’s fashion week.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

Probably own an antique store.

What is Karl’s greatest legacy?

How prolific he was.

Do you prefer getting dressed up or keeping it casual?

Getting dressed up for parties!

What are your top 3 style essentials?

A piece of my aunt’s jewelry. So many vintage shoes! A piece from my collection; I try to wear something BODE almost every day.

Heels or sneakers?

Neither – I wear loafers!

Coffee or tea?


Early bird or night owl?

It depends on the season – it depends if it’s fashion week!


No matter how you style it, the white shirt is a versatile essential in every wardrobe. Inspired by Karl’s iconic design, a new edit of white shirts has been created with effortless, elegant sophistication in mind. Consider these styles to be contemporary classics, seven days a week.
You have the exclusive opportunity to personalize your white poplin shirt during complimentary digital customization events in London and Paris. Choose from a bespoke selection of iconic KARL artworks and graphics, which will be digitally printed on your shirt.

KARL LAGERFELD Regent Street, London

February 14 to 18o 6:00 p.m.
(February 14 & 15: complimentary cocktails and live DJ)

KARL LAGERFELD Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris

February 24 to 28
Daily from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.
(February 24 & 25: complimentary cocktails)

KARL LAGERFELD Europeisky Mall, Moscow

March 6 to 8
Daily from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m.


*Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.


To celebrate the launch of the new PIXEL collection, you can play the Maison KARL LAGERFELD game for your chance to win a €250 shopping spree!

In the game, you must help Choupette as she navigates her way through the iconic KARL LAGERFELD Maison at 21 Rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris. The goal is to defeat the neighborhood dogs and collect pixel points. Choupette can also score bonus points by collecting special KARL items like leather gloves, a camera, Karl’s lucky number seven and the Eiffel Tower.

You can play the game as often as you like, and once each week (until March 13) you’ll be entered for your chance to win a €250 shopping spree at KARL LAGERFELD.

The Maison KARL LAGERFELD game is inspired by the Spring 2020 PIXEL collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, which feature pixelated images of Karl and Choupette.

*Only residents of the following countries can enter the prize competition: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom. For complete terms and conditions, visit: https://www.karl.com/subhome/maison-terms_section


Get a sneak peek behind-the-scenes during the campaign photoshoot for the Karl Knit box.

Each box contains one of four unisex designs — a pullover, cap, headband or scarf — plus Australian Merino wool, knitting needles and instructions. Worldwide, just 777 “do it yourself” boxes are available to be won.

For your chance to own one of these limited-edition collector’s items, join the global digital scavenger hunt to find a hidden code. Enter the draw via knitkarl.com.


The collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and The Woolmark Company dates back more than 60 years….

In 1954, Karl Lagerfeld was named the winner of the first International Woolmark Prize, for the coat category. He became a life-long advocate of wool in his designs, and in fact, the Knit Karl project was one of the last which he worked on.

Each box includes the tools to make one of four exclusive designs: either a pullover, cap, headband or scarf. These collector’s edition sets give each owner the unique experience that combines the pride of wearing a designer piece with the satisfaction of having knit it themself.

For your chance to WIN one of the 777 coveted boxes, join the global digital scavenger hunt to find a hidden code. Enter the draw via knitkarl.com.


The historic collaboration between KARL LAGERFELD and Woolmark dates back to 1954, when Karl Lagerfeld won the International Woolmark Prize that instantly launched his career. Today, the two iconic labels are partnering once again to introduce the limited-edition Knit Karl box. Each Knit Karl box contains one of four unisex designs — a pullover, cap, headband or scarf — plus Australian Merino wool, knitting needles, personalized pins and instructions for how to knit the piece. Worldwide, just 777 “do it yourself” boxes are available to be won (an ode to Karl’s lucky number, seven). You can join the global digital scavenger hunt to find the hidden codes, then enter yours at knitkarl.com for your chance to win. Hint: check social media from @KARLLAGERFELD, @thewoolmarkcompany and influencers. Woolmark’s Australian Merino wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for conscious consumers. Beginning with the Fall 2020 collection, all KARL LAGERFELD knitwear will be made using Woolmark-certified premium wool. The Knit Karl box was one of the last projects that Karl Lagerfeld worked on, which makes it particularly meaningful. For further information on how to win a coveted Knit Karl box, visit knitkarl.com.


January 2020

According to Mariacarla Boscono, the story of how she met Karl Lagerfeld is one she hoped he would forget. “It was super embarrassing,” she recalls with a laugh. “For a long time, I thought he didn’t remember, but unfortunately he did!”

She was working temporarily as a fit model in Rome, with no intention to pursue a career as a model. But, whenever Karl came to town, he repeatedly asked for Mariacarla and they started to form a friendship.

“He really made my career, but I never confessed to him that I was “that girl” from the fittings and I thought he’d never remember,” she says. “Many years later, we were shooting a campaign and he said, ‘Remember when you were that fit model?’ He’s a genius. Not only because he’s sharp on top of everything that goes on around him, but he had the emotional intelligence to never put me on the spot and make me feel awkward about where I came from.”

In memory of her dear friend, Mariacarla stars in the KARL LAGERFELD Spring 2020 campaign. Read on to discover more about her.

What is your mood and inspiration for today, on set with the KARL LAGERELD team?

It’s very emotional for me because I was very close to Karl. I’ve done many shoots with Karl himself over the years, and we always laughed a lot. I have all those memories imprinted in my brain. I hope this shoot is a beautiful tribute to him, because everything we do now is with him in our minds. And I don’t want to upset his expectations!

What is your first memory of Carine?

The first time I heard about her was through Karl, when we were doing a campaign shoot at Chanel. They styled my hair to the side and Karl said, “Oh my god, she looks like Carine!” and I asked, “Who is that?” We then started working together and shooting together, and we because a very nice group of colleagues and friends.

What do you enjoy about working with Carine?

For me it goes beyond talent at this point — it feels like family. There’s genius behind her and there’s history she brings around; she’s a natural born genius. She’s no copy-cat. She’s unique. She’s an icon of icons.

How do you describe your style in 3 words?

Casual. Couture. Unique.

Do you prefer getting dressed up or keeping it casual?

Dressed up.

What must-have pieces do you always pack in your suitcase?

Coat. Shoes. A t-shirt and a turtleneck.

Who would be your dream person to sit next to on an airplane?

Ideally not an airplane because I am scared of flying. But I would have loved to have met Mother Theresa of Calcutta to have a good chat about life, forgiveness and acceptance.

Where are you heading next on holiday?

To Africa with my family. We lived there for a long time when I was young and I want to bring my dad back, because he will be turning 81. I would like my dad to explain all his stories about Africa to my daughter, who is seven.

What is your favorite thing about Rome?

Rome is the eternal beauty. It’s my home, it’s where my roots are. I’ve only officially become a roman in the last four years. But there’s a very unique way of being a Roman, which is difficult to explain. It’s a cross between being ancient and moving on, and not letting things go.

What’s your current obsession?

I just came back from Bali, where I was traveling with my daughter. My obsession is not being obsessed about things.

Do you have a role model?

My mother. Growing up I saw her being a strong woman. Luckily these days being a woman is celebrated, but before you used to have to hide a lot. Now we can be a mother, a workaholic, a cooker, a lover. We can embrace our different roles. But growing up it wasn’t like that, but she was never scared to be all of these different things.

What’s your favorite song to boost your energy on set?

Because I come from the jungle, I listen a lot to this melancholic Mexican singer named Natalia Lafourcade.

Heels or flats?

Flat boots.

Books or movies?

Both. When I travel, I watch movies, but when I’m alone I prefer books.

Summer or winter?

Summer all the way!

Singing or dancing?


Day or night?



The Spring 2020 collection features bold color blocking, graphic shapes and distinct typography.

“Karl decided on the theme of this season before he passed; he loved the Bauhaus art movement,” says Carine Roitfeld, Style Advisor of the KARL LAGERFELD Maison. “It’s all very Karl — very strict, very sober and very perfect. It’s everything that Karl liked. It’s simple but not boring. It’s streetwear with a touch of Parisian chic.”

The sophisticated yet youthful designs have strong lines and silhouettes, while primary colors pops mix with simplistic shapes. Accessories continue to redefine the quintessential KARL LAGERFELD look, with silhouettes including the K/Studio, K/Slash, and statement Bauhaus-inspired pouches.


KARL LAGERFELD is pleased to introduce its Spring 2020 campaign, “21 Rue Saint-Guillaume.” It is inspired by the iconic address of the KARL LAGERFELD maison in Paris, which is considered the heart and soul of the brand; it housed Karl Lagerfeld’s office and studio, where he created countless collections throughout his illustrious career.

The campaign features acclaimed model Mariacarla Boscono, who was a longtime friend and muse of Karl Lagerfeld. The two first met in the early 1990s and developed a close friendship over the years.

“Shooting this campaign is emotional for me, as I was very close to Karl,” says Boscono. “I’ve done many shoots with him over the years, and we always laughed a lot. I have all those memories imprinted in my brain. I hope this campaign is a beautiful tribute to him, because everything I do now is with him in my mind.”

The campaign was photographed in Paris by Chris Colls, and styled by fashion visionary Carine Roitfeld, Style Advisor of the Maison KARL LAGERFELD.

In addition to Boscono, the campaign features Parker van Noord and Ruinan Dong. The photos are complemented by snapshots of the 21 Rue Saint-Guillaume building which is in the center of Saint-Germain-des-Pres — Karl’s favorite neighborhood in Paris.


Exclusively at Pitti Uomo in Florence this week, visitors to the KARL LAGERFELD booth have the opportunity to see original designs from “A Tribute to Karl: The White Shirt Project.”
To honor Karl’s legacy, a group of artists, actors, models, designers and friends each created a bespoke edition of his iconic white shirt silhouette. Reflecting on their own experiences, they reimagined the shirts to artfully express their personal anecdotes and memories.
The Pitti Uomo exhibition includes designs by Cara Delevingne, Lewis Hamilton, Tommy Hilfiger, Sebastien Jondeau, Kate Moss and Takashi Murakami, amongst others. It also features the shirt by Carine Roitfeld, who is Style Advisor of the Maison KARL LAGERFELD and, as the project’s curator, shared her instinctive foresight as someone who closely understood Karl’s creative vision.
Fortezza da Basso, Sala dell’Arco


KARL LAGERFELD is at Pitti Uomo in Florence this week to showcase the immersive World of KARL experience.
The brand’s presentation has a focus on men’s Fall 2020 ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories, plus highlights from the women’s collections.
Guests are also invited to enjoy complimentary beverages and a special personalization service on KARL LAGERFELD tote bags, daily at 2:00 p.m. Visitors also have the exclusive opportunity to see original designs from “A Tribute to Karl: The White Shirt Project.”
If you’re in Florence this week, it’s not to be missed!
Fortezza da Basso, Sala dell’Arco


There’s no better way to start the new year than with this sporty-chic collection. Inspired by the gear worn by athletes — especially road cycling and tennis — these high-function designs are both contemporary and comfortable.
Specialized seamless fabrics can be worn as workout clothes, or mixed-and-matched into modern city wardrobes. The pieces are made with the same techniques that are used to create performance athletic wear.
Must-have accessories include a triangular purse, a flat backpack and a weekender made from reflective silver nylon, plus a pink nylon bum bag and a phone holder.
Discover the Urban Cycle collection now, online and in stores.

KARL LAGERFELD x Sauver la Vie

To celebrate Karl’s memory and legacy, a global community of his friends each created a bespoke edition of his white shirt silhouette, with all proceeds going to the “Sauver la Vie” charity initiative for medical research at the Paris Descartes University, which Karl supported for many years. Funds raised by the charity are funneled into a diverse range of projects, from laboratory research on diseases to treatments that directly impact patients.

Following the success of the Tribute to Karl project, KARL’s head of communications presented Sauver la Vie with a donation of €420,000 at the charity’s annual dinner last week in Paris. The gala was attended by guests of the charity, who were treated to a musical performance by HollySiz and food prepared by renowned chef Cyril Lignac.


To celebrate the launch of the new watch and jewelry collection, KARL LAGERFELD invited top global influencers to explore the new designs … with the help of a very special guest. Style Advisor Carine Roitfeld co-hosted the exclusive event, which was held at the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. Carine led a private styling session, where she paired the KARL ACCORDING TO CARINE collection with the latest watch and jewelry styles.



To celebrate the launch of the KARL LAGERFELD X Cover Story collaboration, a series of special events were held across India last week.

The program kicked off in Mumbai, here a private cocktail party was hosted by local influencer Roohi Jaikishan at her home. There was also a press day and catwalk fashion show, which was attended by actress Sonam Kapoor.

In Delhi, an exclusive launch party was joined by over 300 guests including VIPs and fashion influencers. The invitation-only event included a DJ, photo wall and mannequin display of the KARL LAGERFELD X Cover Story designs.

The KARL LAGERFELD X Cover Story collection is now available at select Cover Story shops across India. In New Delhi, there will also be “KARL LAGERFELD for Cover Story” pop-ups at Select City Walk and DLF Promenade, launching in November 2019.



Iconic streetwear with a touch of Parisian chic …

KARL LAGERFELD is excited to announce it has once again collaborated with PUMA to introduce a collection of sophisticated streetwear styles, including apparel and accessories for men and women. Designed with new cuts, technical details and high-quality fabrics, the pieces fuse a retro look with a contemporary aesthetic.

The apparel is complemented by two unisex sneakers: the ‘90s-inspired CELL ALIEN with a chunky silhouette, and the urban ALTERATION KARL with a futuristic sole and all-over logo stripes. Additional accessories include a backpack tote, bum bags and knit beanies in red and black.

The athletic, edgy collection is now available around the world at KARL LAGERFELD and PUMA stores, plus online at KARL.COM and PUMA.COM, and at select retailers.

This marks the second time that KARL LAGERFELD and PUMA are partnering, following their first successful streetwear collection of Fall 2018.



Last night in Paris, an exclusive event was hosted to celebrate the launch of the KARL LAGERFELD X PUMA collection.

Influencers and friends of the brand were invited to pre-shop the sporty-chic collection while enjoying cocktails, DJ entertainment, and a photobooth. Influencer Alexandra Guerain — who is also the face of the KARL LAGERFELD X PUMA campaign — also attended and hosted an Instagram takeover of the @KARLLAGERFELD account.

Featuring men’s and women’s designs, the KARL LAGERFELD X PUMA collection combines iconic streetstyle with a touch of Parisian sophistication. You can now shop the athletic and edgy looks, online and in stores.

This marks the second time that KARL LAGERFELD and PUMA have collaborated together, following their first successful collection in Fall 2018.



To celebrate the KARL LAGERFELD X L’ORÉAL PARIS collection, an exclusive launch party was hosted in Paris on September 27, coinciding with Paris Fashion Week.

The star-studded event was joined by Doutzen Kroez, Liya Kebede, Soo Joo Park and Luma Grothe — who all appeared in the KARL LAGERFELD X L’ORÉAL PARIS campaign — plus Eva Longoria, Meghan Roche, Davika Hoorne, Kat Graham, Sir John, Xenia Tchoumi and more.

The collection features elegant beauty products with a sophisticated, rock-chic attitude. It includes a nine-color eyeshadow palette, illuminating highlighter, moisturizing Color Riche lipsticks, volumizing mascara and liquid eyeliner.


The “Tribute to Karl” project is complemented by essential white shirts for men and women. The collector’s edition pieces are embellished with Karl’s signature details — a high collar and thick cuffs — plus a special edition tribute label on the front. Crafted from cotton poplin, the designs combine artisanal details with a sense of effortless, pared-back perfection.

In memory of Karl, a community of international influencers has come together to show how they style these white shirts. Whether tucked in or worn loose, dressed up or dressed down, they each put their signature touch on the iconic design. You are invited to follow along — and join yourself — using #MyWhiteShirtForKarl.


On September 25 in Paris, the maison KARL LAGERFELD hosted a private exhibition to celebrate “A Tribute to Karl: The White Shirt Project.”

From around the world, Karl’s family and friends came together for this very special event. Guests included Anna Wintour, Takashi Murakami, Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Karlie Kloss, Alton Mason, Amber Valletta, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, Lucky Blue Smith, Caro Daur, Soo Joo Park, Saskia de Brauw, Baptiste Giabiconi, Suzy Menkes, Eva Herzigová, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Ingie Chalhoub, Lil Buck, Endless, Sarah Andelman, Sebastien Jondeau, Devon Windsor, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois (“The Twins”), Nieves Álvarez, Diala Makki, Tiffany Cooper, Hyunji Shin, Elena Perminova, Davika Hoorne, Holli Rogers, Kiddy Smile and the project’s curator Carine Roitfeld.

For the tribute project, a global community of artists, actors, models, designers and influencers each created bespoke editions of the white shirt silhouette, inspired by their own cherished memories, personal anecdotes and experiences.

The event was held in the iconic KARL LAGERFELD Maison, which is in the heart of Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood. For the occasion, the Maison and its surrounding courtyard were transformed into a gallery space including a hall of mirrors and rotating installations to display more than 45 shirts. The historic building also housed Karl Lagerfeld’s office and it remains the home to his namesake brand.


As part of the global launch of “A Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld,” you have the opportunity to custom design your own personalized white shirt.

At KARL LAGERFELD stores worldwide (and on KARL.COM), you are now able to purchase the dedicated white shirt from the tribute project. The collector’s pieces are embellished with Karl’s signature details — a high collar and thick cuffs — plus a special-edition tribute label on the front. Crafted from cotton poplin, the designs combine artisanal details with a sense of effortless, pared-back perfection.

At select stores, you will also be able to have the shirt customized with a selection of Karl’s iconic quotes and sketches. Below are the dates during which you can experience the white shirt exhibition in stores, plus enjoy the complimentary customization service.*


The two iconic Parisian brands are joining forces to introduce a makeup collection like no other. KARL LAGERFELD and L’Oreal Paris are pleased to announce an unprecedented collection of beauty products, featuring feminine shades with a sophisticated, rock-chic touch.

Connected by their Parisian heritage, both KARL LAGERFELD and L’Oreal Paris share a vision based on elegance, style and relentless innovation. As Karl once said, “Tomorrow I could be the opposite of what I am today” — which is also the idea this collaboration invites women to explore.

The striking campaign was inspired by Karl’s most iconic quotes. It features the inimitable Helen Mirren, Doutzen Kroes, Liya Kedebe, Ling Xi, Luma Grothe, Louise Bourgoin and Soo Joo Park.

The collection is now available worldwide, and its launch has coincided with Paris Fashion Week.


It’s impossible to think about Karl Lagerfeld without envisioning his signature style: sleek leather gloves, mysterious dark sunglasses and, above all, a tailored white shirt. It was a fundamental piece in his own look, while season after season he faithfully evolved his vision of white shirts in his collections.

To celebrate Karl’s legacy, a global community of his friends and family has come together to reinterpret his beloved design. Inspired by their own personal anecdotes and experiences, they have reimagined the shirts to artfully reflect their own cherished memories of Karl.

The list of contributors includes (amongst others) Cara Delevingne, Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, Diane Kruger, Alessandro Michele, Helen Mirren, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Kate Moss, Takashi Murakami, Olivia Palermo, Soo Joo Park, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nadja Swarovski, Amber Valletta, Steven Wilson and more.

The tribute launches worldwide on September 26 and will include limited-edition designs to be sold for charity, a traveling exhibition and much more.

“When I think of Karl’s most iconic designs from his career, I always I think of his white shirts,” said Carine Roitfeld, Style Advisor of KARL LAGERFELD and curator of the tribute project. “This tribute will allow us to honor his legacy while incorporating his unwavering love of fashion and giving back; I can’t imagine a better way for us to celebrate his passion for creativity.”

Further details will follow on KARL.COM in the coming weeks.

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