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Product counterfeit

Karl Lagerfeld statement against counterfeit goods

About counterfeiting

The fight against counterfeiting is a serious issue that effects the global fashion industry and the Karl Lagerfeld brand. Not only is counterfeiting illegal, but counterfeit products are not made with regular quality or safety standards. Manufacturers and suppliers of counterfeit products often do not hold valid business licenses or pay taxes, and some have been linked to organized crime syndicates or terrorist groups.
Furthermore, in manufacturing counterfeit goods, production facilities might operate with child or forced labor. The materials used are often of faulty or potentially dangerous quality, plus could be harmful to people and the environment.
If you would like to purchase Karl Lagerfeld products, we advise you do this only via an official Karl Lagerfeld store, retailer or through the official brand website at KARL.COM. Karl Lagerfeld stands for premium quality and this can only be guaranteed on products purchased through official brand channels.

How to identify a counterfeit website

Unfortunately, there are companies and websites that sell (counterfeit) Karl Lagerfeld products without authorization from the Karl Lagerfeld brand. Be suspicious of “lookalike” websites which may appear similar to KARL.COM in layout or copy, but are not the genuine Karl Lagerfeld site. Here are some tips to spot a counterfeit website:

  • The official brand website is KARL.COM; a counterfeit website will have a different or questionable URL, though it could include the word “karl” in it.
  • Be wary of any auction websites. There is no guarantee the item offered is genuine.
  • Prices seem “too good to be true”.
  • There is no legitimate contact information provided.
  • There are misspelled words or grammatical errors.
  • There are offers for bulk orders.

How to report a counterfeit website

If you think you have encountered a counterfeit website selling alleged Karl Lagerfeld goods, please . If you are concerned, we advise you do not purchase any questionable items until our team verifies their authenticity.
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